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Alice in Wonderland
Tea Party

Join us August 29th, for a special Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. We will be offering 3 seatings, 10 am, 12pm, & 2pm. Each seating will be approximately 1.5 hours long.  Decorated in the Alice & Wonderland Theme, best dressed table will receive a 50.00 Gift Card. 

Each plate will include:

Scone, Crumpet,  Mushroom Tartlet, Lemon Cooler Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Croissant and

4 finger Sandwishes:

Chicken Salad with Green Grapes Pecans

Cucumber & Cream Cheese

Curry Egg Salad 

Lemon Curd & Honey Goat Cheese on Blueberry Bread


Reservations are required

Goody bag for all children attending


Join us for a hour long seminar on Tea History & Tea Etiquette. The lecture will cover the following topics included is a small tea and tray offering after the lecture.

  1. The ancient history of tea and how it began.

  2. How the tradition of afternoon tea started with the Dutchess of Bedford.

  3. Proper afternoon etiquette regarding social hosting and how to present.

  4. Table manners and etiquette for afternoon tea.

  5. The story of High Tea vs. Low Tea.

  6. Tea Etiquette and Deportment.

Date:  Coming in September 

2 Seatings: 

Wedding Table Set